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Maharaj Shri:

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His Holiness
Early Days of Divine Play
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Thakurprasadji (Maharaj shri’s grandfather) prayed to his guru saint Lalji Sarkar for a grandchild, he blessed him that one day a great saint will be born to his daughter and the entire world will bow to his feet. When this divine infant was born what amazed people was that this was a painless birth and its body was as clean as if someone has already bathed the child. However no one gave a second thought to this fact. When Thakurprasadji’s wife later mentioned that she didn’t find a single spot of blood on the newborn, Kriparamji (Maharaj Shri’s father) overlooked this as a loving praise of a grandmother instead of an extraordinary incident.

When Maharaj shri turned one, he developed a special fondness for bathing and by the time he turned two, this fondness turned into discipline of not taking food unless he has taken a bath.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Shri
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji

As a child when Maharaj shri used to play with other kids, he used to make earthen Shivling and ask them to offer flowers to it. Whenever he used to go with his parents to attend a discourse or in company of sages then unlike other kids he never used to disturb his parents instead used to be very quiet and peaceful as if he understands each and every word of the discourse.

When Maharaj Shri turned 4, preparations were made to send him to a primary school. He refused to go however he was forcibly made to attend school. One day the school principal exasperated with Maharaj Shri’s vagabond attitude, reprimanded him to focus on his studies, he replied "what are you going to teach me, I will be taught by my almighty father”

His principal, Tiwari Ji once mentioned that he couldn’t quite understand why Maharaj shri was always surrounded by kids. At last he asked one of the kids as to why they are always with Ravi and what does he give them? The kid replied instantly because he gives us delicious sweets which he produces magically from air! Tiwari Ji didn’t believe it however when his wife later mentioned that Ravi offered her the temple offering of Orcha Dham which he magically plucked out of thin air, then he was forced to think that there might be some truth in these incidents.

Maharaj Shri has always been of a carefree attitude since childhood. His mother mentions that he used to go to the temple with them and at some distance to the temple is a mound which has a cave inside it. However the opening of the cave is so small that no child can ever pass through it. Maharaj Ji Shri often used to go inside this mysterious cave or at the altar of Siddha Baba leaving his mother alone at the temple. Sometimes he used to direct people on where to dig a well to find water or find lost treasures hidden inside the ground. Such divine and extraordinary powers in a child obviously couldn’t escape the acute eyes of people who curiously asked him, how he does all these things. Maharaj Shri used to avoid such questions by saying that it’s due to the blessings of Siddha Baba or some spirits etc. It was clear that he always kept his true identity in the dark.

Many a times, Maharaj shri while playing with kids used to go inside the cave at the mound of Sharda Mata’s temple for hours. On returning he would be completely wet and avoided answering any questions on his whereabouts. When constantly reprimanded he mentioned once that there are many Sadhus inside this cave who are in a constant state of meditation. There is also a huge lake inside and these Sadhus often talk to me. Once Maharaj shri asked his mother to accompany him inside the cave however she refused out of fear. From then on he started going to this cave in the middle of nights as well.

Maharaj Shri has a loving attitude towards people of all ages. While his childlike heart naturally attracts kids towards him at the same time younger generation and old folks are not left untouched by his positive energy and compassion. Maharaj shri has a special fondness for the youth because he feels that it’s the youth power that would provide direction to this nation. If the youth of today are given right direction then it doesn’t take much to develop the nation.

Maharaj Shri had a soft corner for cows and their welfare since his childhood and the best example of this was his household cow, Shyama whom Maharaj shri bought for Rs 60 after much pestering with his father and took complete responsibility of looking after her right from making her fodder, feeding and bathing her. Shyama was so affectionate towards him that she used to stop taking fodder if she couldn’t see Maharaj shri for a day.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji
Maharaj Shri has faced lot of hardship in his childhood and adolescence. Lack of interest in studies, vagabond lifestyle and constant chiding from his father led him to work as a laborer at many places. One of the villagers Kashi who worked along with Maharaj Shri mentions that once he had asked him why he is working in fields when it looks like he comes from a well to do family to which Maharaj shri replied "Work should be done at all costs”
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji

Maharaj shri first set his foot at Rawatpura in 1991. Rawatpura is a small quaint village situated deep inside the ravines of Chambal region of MP state between Pahuj and Sonmriga Rivers. Initially there was only a small ancient Hanuman Ji temple which was in a dilapidated state. Except for local villagers no one frequented this temple neither any worship was performed at its altars. Thus began the story of an astonishing revolution which over the years has transformed the character of this region starting with its natural landscape, social conditions, spiritual and religious environment. Today this place is a 100 acres plus ashram which is now known as Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Dham.

From the dilapidated conditions of 1991, this small temple suddenly came into prominence as a spiritual center in 1996 when a divine Yagya was organized at a massive scale. BBC London declared this Yagya as the biggest ever religious ceremony ever undertaken in the Indian annals. Spread over a perimeter of 10 km it had the capacity to efficiently manage and provide free food for 100,000 people in one sitting. This nine day event also had performances from many world famous celebrated artists apart from the spiritual and religious programs.

In 2000, Rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust was founded to act as a medium for channeling humanitarian activities. Today this organization has laid the groundwork for fulfilling the objectives which Maharaj Shri has set forth for the holistic development of humanity.

These include setting up educational institutes providing quality professional education for the needy and underprivileged sections of the society, programs for social upliftment of rural folks especially women and children, environmental awareness, healthcare, vocational training for the unemployed youth and establishing Cowpens.

Since 2000 this humanitarian movement has gained tremendous grounds and has spread its wings beyond Rawatpura to centers at Raipur, Kolkata, Hairdwar and Chitrakoot to increase its reach among people in various regions of the nation.

"True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found"

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