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Maharaj Shri:

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Maharaj Shri says:-

1. Faith is the fundamental mantra of universe. It’s through faith that you will be able to go beyond the ignorance of mind to receive divine grace of sages and build a positive character.

2. If an individual wants to rise above his thoughts then he should have complete trust, faith, devotion and dedication towards his beloved. This is the key to finding a higher ground and depth of human nature.

3. Any work reaches its complete fruition when it is performed with intellect, dedication, faith and blessings of a Sadguru.

4. One should always have unwavering trust and faith in his Sadguru because the relation between a disciple and his guru is not of the human body rather its soul.

Shri Devaraha Baba Ji

5. An individual should be firmly resolute and devoted towards his guru with complete trust and faith and leave the rest to him, he will take you through to eternity.

6. Grace of a saint is not an object that is visible to the naked eye. A person should have a strong resolution and faith to receive it. Just like rainwater fills potholes yet doesn’t stay on shallow grounds similarly a guru’s grace needs an empty vessel to receive it.

7. For a saint no one is big or small, to him all are equal. His blessings are meant for all, the difference is in your thirst to drink the elixir of grace.
8. There is no difference between devotion towards a saint or God. It is God who comes in this world in human form out of his extraordinary compassion and with his grace sows the seed of faith in our hearts which sprouts our devotion.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji

9. Every person should take some time out daily for meditation. Meditation cleanses our mind by removing the accumulated garbage of thoughts and streams through it a constant flow of love and compassion.

10. Prayer has lot of power. A prayer is not a web of words but a heartfelt expression which we offer to our beloved. Prayer reduces the ‘I’ in you.
11. A person should talk less and listen more. Too much talk results in dissipation of energy and you also lose control of the mind.

12. An excessive amount of talking makes a person lose his intelligence and he cannot differentiate right from wrong. Less talk results in accumulation of energy which is then immediately utilized for working on new ideas.

13. A man’s thinking decides his destiny. Our thought process has a profound effect on our personality. Nothing is impossible for a man, what is required is great and progressive thinking.

14. Limited thinking is criminal. It makes us lose self respect, reduces our determination and acts as a deterrent to reach the pinnacle of strong character.

15. An individual should always have a high and progressive thinking. Higher thoughts lead to a ??? mindset.

16. A person should strive to be in company of people with a mature and refined thought process to gain knowledge and positive character.

17. There is a special significance of character in our lives. Whenever we meet someone we should always show him respect irrespective of his age. This leads to development of a positive character.

18. It is through God’s grace that we get this human body. Do not waste your life in unnecessary criticisms. Stand out as an example of compassion and selfless service.

20. An Individual should have patience. Do not respond immediately to harsh words from any person instead use your intelligence and judgment. Uncontrolled speech, deeds and thoughts lead a man to his biggest downfall.

21. One should neither condemn nor hear criticism of anyone. Our mind is a reflection of our sentiments; whatever we do or say will have an influence on the mind.

22. In this day and age there is no greater act than the act of selfless service. Selfless service makes you a beloved of saints and immediately become qualified to receive their blessings and grace.

23. You should always work based on your capabilities. With relentless effort comes great success after many failures.

27. Saints have a special fondness for those individuals who are simple in speech, deeds and thoughts and are always striving to reach their objectives. Such people easily qualify to receive blessings of saints.

28. Surroundings have an impact on an individual’s mind and thoughts. We should pay strong emphasis on cleanliness around us because hygienic environment acts as a first step to help us to clean the filth of mind.

29. We should fast for at least a day in the week. This destroys the toxic waste inside our body and we easily receive an exceptional feeling of mental peace.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji

30. Selfishness disorients an individual from the right path. One might not remember God during times of distress but he should always thank him during moments of happiness because its through his grace that we have received such joy.

31. This era is the age of science. Everyone believes in logical thinking. However this belief should be only be placed when the logic has been analyzed with intelligence and judgment.

32. Today we all pray for victory of positive forces and annihilation of the negative side however if the negative aspects of life are destroyed, the cycle of nature will be brought to a complete halt. Therefore we should pray for victory of positive forces and peace to negative energies because peace brings stillness.

33. One should never believe in old parables. Parables have a very different meaning from their fundamental reality and are followed in herd mentality. We should first understand them using our intellect and judgment and then pass it on in the society.

34. Even though the current age is of logic, intellect, rationale and science yet many of our traditional rituals are meant for spiritual development and social etiquettes like bowing in front of elders etc should be essentially followed even if science might not find any rationale in its practice.

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