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Maharaj Shri:

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His Holiness
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India epitomizes a nation which has led the world in its quest for eternal truth. It is the birthplace of religions and illustrious sages and saints whose teachings have left an everlasting imprint on the spiritual and humanitarian ideals that have been the foundation of our daily existence as well as in our search for universal truth.

In this land on 5th July 1968 on auspicious day of Thursday, a great saint was born in the nondescript village called Chipri in the Bundelkhand region of central India. If one analyses the events that took place during his birth then it becomes quite evident that this was not an ordinary birth but an avatar of a divine proportions. Witnesses to these events were the mother Smt Ramsakhi Ji and father Shri Kriparam Ji of this simple and religious Brahmin family who were ever mesmerized by the playful yet subtly divine acts of the newly born.

The child was christened as Ravi by his grandparents and later because of his immense peaceful temperament was changed to Ravi Shankar signifying Ravi (Sun) that invigorates the world with its divine energy and Shankar (Lord Shiva) who provides a calming effect. And thus started the journey of an expansive divine person who is today commanding ever increasing fame because of his spiritual direction and humanitarian activities.

Since childhood whosoever came in his presence has been touched by his divinity and the resultant feeling of inner calm and peace.

To provide a spiritual abode that would benefit the masses with his gracious presence, Maharaj Shri established Rawatpura Dham in 1991.

Maharaj Shri

To provide an organizational set up which will support and increase the reach of humanitarian activities that were started with Rawatpura Dham, Maharaj Shri laid the foundation of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust (SRLKT) in 2000. The mission of this trust is to work on all aspects of humanitarian activities that would result in holistic development of mankind. Its focus is to work on social upliftment, education, healthcare and environmental preservation as well as spiritual development and to act as a catalyst for bringing about intrinsic change in the social fabric of the region and to inculcate positive qualities among individuals.

Today hundreds of thousands of people are finding inspiration in his divine presence and through his blessings are leading a successful and positive life. His name Ravi Shankar is a true reflection of its meaning i.e. Ravi (Sun) that invigorates the world with its divine energy and warmth of grace and Shankar (Lord Shiva) who is compassionate and blesses us with a calm and concentrated state of mind.

Many towering spiritual personalities have been born as "one among us” in the past and are now long gone. It’s a shame that we are awakened to its significance much later and are left with offering flowers to their statues and portraits. Maharaj Shri is here and now among us as a living embodiment of God’s presence and we should use this once in a lifetime opportunity to benefit from his presence and to direct our lives in right direction.

"You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself"

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