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Spiritual Development
The Need of a Guru
The Need of a Guru 2
Gurupurnima Mahotsava


Maharaj shri says:
We do need to look outside in search of spirituality; it’s in our very nature. Believe me all of you who have assembled here are spiritual by nature. That is why you have the privilege of being in the company of saints and receiving their blessings.

Spirituality makes an individual aware of his inherent powers; it is the knowledge of the soul, a journey which merges his individuality, his existence as one with supreme consciousness. You cannot experience spirituality through debate or discussion but only through intuitive experience. You can get motivated through listening and remembrance but you can never completely submerge yourself into his divine presence.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Shri
Bhakt are doing meditation

In reality only those individuals have a complete understanding of spirituality are honest, selfless, and compassionate and have rock solid faith in God. Today man has fallen from higher ideals and may be in future the situation can get worse. In such dire moments, he needs a Sadguru who can guide him in the right direction.

Today, everyday life has become so complicated and troublesome that a common man doesn’t even have time to think of higher ideals and whether his thoughts and actions are in the right direction. That is why whenever you come to me for the first time, I shower you with material pleasures so as to satisfy your unfulfilled desires and then I steer your life towards spirituality so that you can fulfill the goal of complete freedom that was ordained for this human existence

Spiritual activities structured under his holy presence:

  1. Daily morning and evening yoga and meditation activities are organized at Aastha manch where disciples practice yoga and meditation techniques to help them control the vagaries of mind.
  2. Sun salutation (Surya Namaskar): Prayers are offered to the Sun, source of all life energy on this planet earth at dawn after one has completed his daily ablutions to bless humanity with its divine force.
  3. In the presence of Maharaj Shri Vedic mantras are recited as thankful offerings to various gods and goddesses, Mother Nature and then aarti is performed by all devotees and disciples to receive blessings from the divine presence of maharaj shri.
  4. After aarti, devotees listen to Maharaj shri’s message so that they can contemplate and follow his teachings in daily life. This is then followed with bhajans (devotional songs) and mantra jaap (recital) to help a disciple gain concentration, inner peace and harmony.
  5. Devotees then assemble at the temple premises to perform puja for various gods and goddesses.

There is also a strong emphasis on selfless offering of physical work as one of the methods to develop positive qualities of humility and perseverance. To preserve the environment and to maintain a spiritual atmosphere which can propel the mind towards positive thoughts, yagya and havans (fire ceremony) are organized as per vedic rituals. These fire ceremonies fill the entire atmosphere with divinity and energy

Maharaj shri’s extensive tours in various locations within India, devotees get an opportunity to receive his blessings and message that would help them channel their energies in the right direction.

These tours are organized for a period of 3-9 days and during this period religious ceremonies, cultural activities are also organized to motivate and educate today’s generation about Sanatan Dharma (universal principles proposed by saints as prescribed in the Vedas)

There is a Chinese saying; a man has three sides to his identity, one which he thinks he has, one what others think he has and the one that is true reflection of his nature. Spirituality is a process, a method that guides an individual to realize his true identity and the sole purpose for his existence. Spirituality is the science of the soul, a technique that helps grasp the power of the mind with acute discrimination to bring it face to face with awareness of the self.

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Maharaj Ji

The foundation for spirituality was laid since time immemorial when yogis started the search for a solution to the vagaries of mind, they discovered the power of prayer, concentration and meditation which helped them open the mysteries of the soul. They reflected on these eternal truths that were discovered during the process and applied them for the benefit of humanity as dharma meaning "the art of living".

It’s a common belief today that spirituality is only meant for old and worthless folks. This couldn’t be further away from truth. It is not necessary for a spiritual person to be a monk who has left the world for the woods. Individuals who are living in this world, performing their daily deeds are as spiritual.

"The first sign of your becoming religious is that you are becoming cheerful"

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