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Production of Organic Menure

Maharaj shri says,
"It’s a common place belief among people that nature is equivalent to forest cover and vegetation, rivers and glaciers, mountains and valleys etc and we humans as well as other animal species on this planet are outside this ecosystem. But the truth is this entire world is a representation of nature. Every element, every life form that exists on this planet exists in relation to each other. If any one link of this chain gets broken it creates a state of imbalance"

On this planet the two main foundation of our existence is solar energy and forest cover. It should be our primary responsibility to preserve these two sources of life energy. If one studies the geological makeup of Rawatpura region then it is quite evident that this region is devoid of any forest cover or vegetation because of the bad quality of soil cover. However since the time Maharaj shri established Rawatpura ashram, this region has gone through a natural transformation that is beyond any words.

As of today 500,000 trees of different species have been planted in the vicinity of the ashram and now the ashram seems like an oasis in the middle of a desert. One is overwhelmed with a feeling of astonishment at this miraculous play of nature in the middle of ravines of Chambal. This has been made possible primarily because of the subtle undercurrent of spiritual energy that has acted as a nutrient to these plants.

Another important aspect of increasing tree cover is that this has an indirect effect on the increase in the population of endangered bird species.

Maharaj shri says,
"The same life force that flows through our veins is flowing in these trees and plants. They are as sensitive to the environment around them as we are. I always motivate people to plant trees and to conserve them as well. Today our forest cover is fast depleting because of our carelessness and exploitation of natural resources. It is our moral duty to make people aware of the dangers of deforestation. In future mankind will face a heightened scarcity of water and since forests help us to maintain the water table it is of utmost importance that we should apply water conservation techniques and plant more trees. Nowadays we are facing numerous problems like natural calamities, global warming, acid rain, incurable diseases, ozone depletion etc at an alarming rate. This is happening because of the imbalances created in the natural environment. If we want to prevent such disasters in future then we should take the first step in conserving our natural resources."

Production of Organic Menure

Organic Farming Method
One of the key focus areas at SRLKT is to inculcate awareness and provide training to farmers regarding organic farming methods. Current farming techniques have a strong emphasis on usage of insecticides and pesticides to prevent crop failure and to increase arable land productivity. However such techniques have had a damaging side effect on the quality of soil as well as on our health. Many incurable diseases are caused because of the use of these chemicals which have a harmful effect on our body.

To prevent this, SRLKT is promoting organic farming methods which have their basis in the traditional Indian agricultural techniques that predominantly use organic waste of plants like neem, dhatura etc, flowers, cow dung, urine and earthworms as natural manure like Nadep, Farmyard, Compost etc as well as insecticides and pesticides.

"Stand as a rock; you are indestructible. You are the Self, the God of the universe"

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